Human League - Secrets (Deluxe Edition)

Обновлен 14 мая 2018 г.


01. All I Ever Wanted (Dave Bascombe Mix)
02. Nervous
03. Love Me Madly? (Dave Bascombe Mix)
04. Shameless
05. 122.3 BPM
06. Never Give Your Heart
07. Ran
08. The Snake
09. Ringinglow
10. Liar
11. Lament
12. Reflections
13. Brute
14. Sin City
15. Release
16. You'll Be Sorry
17. Tranquility
18. All I Ever Wanted (The Das Kompressor Vanity Case Mix)
19. All I Ever Wanted (Toy Mix)
20. All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb's Main Full Vocal Mix)
21. All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb's Alternative Mix)
22. All I Ever Wanted (The Vanity Case Instrumental Mix)
23. All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)
24. All I Ever Wanted (Op: L Bastards Mojo Mix)
25. You'll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Radio Mix)
26. You'll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Black & Blue Mix)
27. You'll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Dub Mix)
28. You'll Be Sorry (Karaoke Mix)
29. Love Me Madly? (Voice of Buddha Mix)
30. Love Me Madly? (Zenn Eternal Countdown Mix)
31. Love Me Madly? (Cuzco Mix)

ЖанрSynthpop, New Wave
Битрейт аудио320 kbps
Год издания2018

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